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Savignano Irpino, Italy Cousins Site

This site is where "cousins" who can trace their roots to this small town in Southern Italy called Savigano Irpino, Italy can come and share information about their family history.

This site in connection with several others about towns that are located near-by have been constructed to help trace family history.  Curently there are sister sties for Greci, Italy and Montecalvo Irpino, Italy.

Tony Labriola has done most of the work on Savignano, Italy.  He has completed indexes for Births, Marriages, and Deaths from 1809 to 1910.  He also complied the dataabase that we have on this site.  Tony has also done a lot of work on the Church records for Greci, Italy.

Nick Norcia and John Mazzarella were able to get permission to take photos of the Savigano Church records during their visit in 2009.  There are many connections between Savignano and Greci.  Tony has family roots in both towns.  John Mazzarella also  traces some of his Mazzarella family fron Greci and Savignano.

The two pictures above on this page show the two parts of Savigano which is split into two areas. The picture just above is Scalo which is at the bottom of the mountain.  There is a railway station and a commercial area located here.  The picture at the top of this page shows the upper part of the town which is mostly resdential and also is where the Piazza is located.